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Welcome and congratulations on taking the steps to become a Keiser Indoor Group Cycling instructor. You are about to embark on a journey full of opportunities for learning and professional development, and a platform to inspire others through health and fitness.  This course will provide you with the foundations of indoor cycling and help you become successful instructing to all participant levels. The background information in this course combined with your experience in a real-world indoor cycling class environment will help you succeed as a Keiser instructor. Click "Start" at the top right of the screen to begin the course.  Read more

Discover the cutting-edge world of resistance training on Keiser pneumatics through our comprehensive course, designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to revolutionize your training and performance goals. We invite you to embark on a journey that will transform your approach to resistance training, offering a deep understanding of the mechanics, principles, and innovative technologies that can elevate human performance. Whether you're a seasoned fitness professional or an enthusiastic novice, this course provides the foundation to excel in your field and achieve your training or coaching goals. We begin by exploring the anatomy and mechanics of “The Machine.” In this section, you'll explore each piece of equipment, uncovering the unique features that set Keiser’s Pneumatic Technology apart. Understand the inner workings and design elements that enables Keiser to revolutionize resistance training. We'll then examine a comparison between two resistance training methods, “Mass vs. Pneumatics.” Explore the pros and cons of both approaches and learn how to tailor your training to specific goals. Understand the key differences between machines and free weights, and discover the impact of different resistance options on your training outcomes. Progressing further, we'll explore the fundamental "Training Principles, Qualities, and Themes" that underlie effective training. Grasp the essential training principles that form the basis for your training strategies, and understand the five trainable qualities and their impact on performance improvement. Implement training themes to achieve targeted physiological and performance adaptations, ensuring your training aligns with your goals. In the final section, we unlock the power of "Analytics, Assessments, and Applications.” Harness the potential of real-time feedback and analytics to maximize your performance. Additionally, master testing protocols that refine your understanding of your improved performance, bringing precision to your training programs. Join us on this transformative journey through the intricacies of resistance training, from machine mechanics to data-driven performance enhancement. Read more

This course will provide a comprehensive background of Keiser and its origins before delving into the anatomy of our machines. Understanding pneumatics technology is crucial for professionals eager to learn and leverage Keiser Pneumatics. In this course, we feel it is important we anchor ourselves to key concepts that are universal to all training populations. The first area is adaptation, where we will explore how to improve everyone we work with and what needs to happen for successful outcomes. Next, we tackle biomechanics – an intimidating topic for some but essential in developing training programs. We have distilled it down into key areas that are easy to grasp. Following this, we cover training principles, human body systems, and responses before diving into applied physics – an exciting component that we feel many of you will enjoy. Here, you will learn about four resistance tools available: mass, elastic, flywheels, and finally, Keiser pneumatics. We highlight the advantages and limitations of each of these tools. Our last section focuses on Keiser-specific assessment tools through evaluations tailored towards your clients' needs. You will find an additional section outlining some key research findings leveraging Keiser Pneumatics.  This serves as a foundation for understanding primary aspects of building human performance which seamlessly leads you into our Foundations of Periodization and Programming course. This course is designed to enhance your skills in assessing client needs while effectively utilizing Keiser equipment to train the five trainable qualities.    Read more

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