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Krista Popowych

16 Mar 2018



Welcome and congratulations on taking the steps to become a Keiser Indoor Group Cycling instructor. You are about to embark on a journey full of opportunities for learning and professional development, and a platform to inspire others through health and fitness. 

This course will provide you with the foundations of indoor cycling and help you become successful instructing to all participant levels. The background information in this course combined with your experience in a real-world indoor cycling class environment will help you succeed as a Keiser instructor.

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The overall objective is to provide the fitness professional with the theoretical and practical information necessary to create safe and effective indoor group cycling classes. In this course, applicants will complete the home study guide with a good understanding of:

  • The Keiser M3/M3i benefits, magnetic resistance system, computer display and metrics
  • How to set up participants correctly on the Keiser Indoor Bike
  • How to perform and teach correct postures and grips
  • How to teach correct pedaling technique
  • How to plan and create safe and effective indoor group cycling classes
  • How to perform and teach correct warm-ups, cardio workouts, cool-downs and stretching
  • How to teach a variety of indoor group cycling class formats and drills
  • How to keep participants engaged and safe in classes


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Foundations Correspondence Course Completion Certificate

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Guide to Successful Completion of the Foundations Correspondence Course
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Foundations Manual
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Foundations Correspondence Course Workbook
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Video Section 1: Bike Set-Up
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Video Section 1: Knowledge Check Exam
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Video Section 2: Warm-Up & Pyramid Drill
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Video Section 2: Knowledge Check Exam
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Video Section 3: Long-Hill Climb
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Video Section 3: Knowledge Check Exam
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Video Section 4: Rolling Hills, Acceleration Drill, Pick-Up Drill & Race to the Finish
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Video Section 4: Knowledge Check Exam
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Video Section 5: Cool-Down
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Video Section 5: Knowledge Check Exam
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Video Section 6: Functional Threshold Power Test
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Video Section 6: Knowledge Check Exam
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Foundations Correspondence Course Practice Exam
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Foundations Correspondence Course Final Exam
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Evaluation Form as a Survey
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Added 16 days ago, by Anonymous
Excellent course. I've learned that the key to a successful class is how you utilized power.
Added 17 days ago, by Jane
Added 19 days ago, by Anonymous
There are a few questions in the workbook about formulations that are impossible to complete. A lot of missing information. It would be very helpful if there was a clearer explanation at the start of each exam as to how long / how many questions each was. I spent a lot of time reviewing the manual and completing the workbook when I didn't need to...I should have just plowed on and completed the rest. Many of the videos are unnecessarily long as well, esp if you're doing the course by correspondence. The option to fast fwd would have been helpful.
Added 21 days ago, by Anonymous
Great on-line training
Added about 1 month ago, by Tiffany
Added about 1 month ago, by Kaylee
Added about 1 month ago, by JAIME
Pretty straightforward course. It helps that I am very familiar with spinning in general and the Keiser spin bikes in particular. My only criticism is that I had a little trouble with the videos -- they were buffering a lot, making it very tedious to watch them. Could be an issue with my internet connection, but it isn't apparent on other platforms. Only other criticism is that the female instructor in the videos seems to bounce quite a bit in the saddle.
Added about 1 month ago, by Kate
Added about 1 month ago, by Ashley
Added about 1 month ago, by Anonymous
This course was great! The workbook went right along with the manual and helped process all of the information efficiently.

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